Fruit baskets starting from £9.50

Our standard fruit baskets contain 25 pieces of fruit and this will be a mixture of apples, bananas, clementine/satsumas, pears and plums. We can increase the number to cater for as many as you need. Each additional piece of fruit is an extra 38 pence. Berries and grapes can also be added at an extra cost. We deliver to most business addresses in the SE1 area and there is no charge for delivery.

Our big delivery days are Monday and Wednesday, some of our customers have 100 pieces of fruit 5 days a week!

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1 litre Cow’s Milk – £1.10
2 litre Cow’s Milk – £1.39
1 litre Soya Milk – £2.00
1 litre Almond Milk – £2.00

Our sister shop Mustard provides very popular corporate breakfast and lunches and any you can add any of their products to your fruit or milk order. For more information and to visit their site please click here or to go straight to their online shop please click here.